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Independence Campaigners Must “Accent the Positive” Following Johnson's Departure - Salmond

“In the wake of Johnson’s departure, the campaign for independence needs to accent the positive”

This was said by former First Minister and ALBA Party Leader speaking last night (Friday) in Parliament Hall, St Andrews in a meeting to promote the Wee ALBA Book on independence. He said;

“The real recruiting sergeant for independence can never be any English Tory Prime Minister but the positive campaign for self determination and the positive case for independence. It is entirely possible that the Tory Party will elect someone as objectionable as Johnson, and indeed front runner Rishi Sunak is even more of a right wing ideologue. But that is not what Scotland should depend upon. The argument for independence should stand on its own merits not on the demerits of the Tory Prime Minister.

That is why we need a campaign of popular demonstration and parliamentary intervention to overturn the Westminster veto on a referendum and why the exciting new case for independence as presented in the Wee ALBA Book is of such importance.”

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