The Independence Strategy

Scotland is a nation and its people sovereign.

Scotland's Democracy

The Westminster Parliament does not respect the sovereign will of the Scottish people as demonstrated by Scotland being taken out of the EU despite the clear democratic decision of the Scottish people to Remain and by the refusal of the UK Prime Minister to transfer the necessary powers for a mandated independence referendum.

By taking their seats without a plan to use the institution as one plank in an independence strategy, Scotland’s MPs are effectively giving tacit agreement to UK control.

Over the last seven years, despite the majority of MPs from Scotland supporting independence, the MPs have failed to realise any benefit to Scotland or to the cause of independence.


Parliamentary Action

On the 13th of July 2022, ALBA MPs took part in a parliamentary intervention to protest the Johnson Government’s refusal to acknowledge Scotland’s democratic rights. You can read more about the intervention here.

It is ALBA's position that all independence supporting MPs should similarly intervene in the Westminster Parliament on a daily basis until the Truss Government accept Scotland’s national Claim of Right to democratic choice.


Popular Action

ALBA MPs already prioritise community campaigning in Scotland over merely occupying the green benches at Westminster.

Parliamentary action should be backed by a campaign of peaceful popular agitation in Scotland.


An Independence Convention

The ALBA have repeatedly called for the Scottish First Minister to follow through on her promise made in February 2020 to call an Independence Convention. This Convention should be made up of a majority of Scotland's MPs and MSPs and, in alliance with civic Scotland, progress Scotland’s right to self-determination and Independence.


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