Alba Party to ensure “Independence top of General Election agenda”

Alba Party have said that their General Election campaign will ensure independence is top of the election agenda.

The pro-independence party have announced their latest General Election candidate, today.

Independence activist Debbie Ewen will fight the Livingston constituency for Alba Party.

Ms Ewen is a lifelong supporter of Scottish independence and joined Alba Party as she thought it is the only party making the case for independence as an immediate priority. In her working career she gained extensive experience in the Department of Energy and then subsequently in the Health and Safety Executive.

She is a strong advocate for the protection of the rights of women and girls.

ALBA Party had already announced they would stand in a minimum of 12 seats at the upcoming election as well as supporting the sitting nationalist MP, Angus Brendan MacNeil, in the Western Isles seat. The party are now set to stand more candidates across Scotland.

Commenting Alba Candidate for the Livingston Constituency Debbie Ewen said:

“ALBA as a Party at the behest of the YES movement spent the last year asking the SNP to stand on a Scotland United platform with a single independence candidate in each constituency seeking a direct mandate for independence.

"Despite the overwhelming popularity of that position across the independence movement and substantial support amongst the SNP membership our offer was rebuffed by the SNP leadership. They have opted for a go-it-alone approach and are not standing on an independence platform but on an anti-Tory one. In deserting an independence election strategy they are winding the political clock back some forty years before independence became a serious proposition.

"ALBA Party’s route to independence, as backed by a gathering of the independence movement, is to seek an election mandate at each and every election combined with Ash Regan MSP’s proposal to legislate for a referendum to allow people to extend the powers of the Scottish Parliament to include the independence decision. This is the democratic combination which can take Scotland forward and indeed the only independence strategy being presented to the people."

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