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I moved to Edinburgh in 1993, a graduate from Punjab University in Lahore with a keen interest in politics from a young age. I am a family man with 3 kids. When I moved to Edinburgh I worked in many places for a number of years before setting up my first local business, a convenience store. Now nearly 30 years later I am a successful businessman and very well known in the community. I have seen first-hand the struggles of poverty and homelessness in our community, which needs a major change. My experience in campaigning is great, including council, Holyrood and Westminster Elections, I was an ever-present dedicated activist in the Independence Referendum.

I was very actively involved in the independence referendum in 2014. I organised events to raise funds for the YES campaign. I put in a lot of hard work during the referendum, Leafleting, canvassing, chapping doors, organising YES stalls and much more. I hope to achieve this level of hard work again for the Alba Party if elected and use this energy to create a #Supermajority for independence.

During the independence campaign, seeing the huge numbers of people coming together from diverse backgrounds was really heart-warming and I was encouraged to see how everyone helped each other, which is the future I envision if elected for the Alba Party.

This election must be a mandate for independence, and I commit to ensuring that it’s the Scottish people who will decide our future and not Westminster, the gloves must come off, our destiny must be in our hands.

By creating a supermajority pro-independence and by having as many list MSPs as we can, we will ensure that the Alba Party can create that much-needed bridge in parliament so that the people off Scotland can cross over to the other side, which is ultimately an Independent Scotland.


Political Experience.

Candidate In 2012 Council Elections in Gilmerton Ward

Candidate in the Westminster Elections in 2015

Candidate in the Holyrood Elections in 2016 on the Lothian List.

Candidate in the Holyrood Elections 2021 on the Lothian List

Former Organiser SNP Edinburgh Eastern Branch

Former Organiser SNP Gilmerton Branch

Former Membership Secretary Gilmerton Branch

Director at Edinburgh & Lothians Regional Equality Council (ELREC) 

President of Scottish Asians For Independence Edinburgh

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