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Dr Jim Walker is chief economist at Aletheia Capital and a world-ranked economist who topped the Asiamoney poll for 11 years in succession. Dr Walker has worked in Asia for many years. He is returning to his native Scotland from Hong Kong to contest the election in Central Scotland for the Alba Party. 

“It is now time that the economic benefits of independence were recast for the post-Brexit age.

The success of small economies in the modern world - and there are many examples - depends on high human capital and access to global markets.

Scotland should have both. Currently, both are in jeopardy.

The task of this next Scottish Parliament is to put the country on the road to prosperity through claiming national independence.

It is a good thing for the country to shape its economic destiny. No-one will run the Scottish economy better than the people of Scotland who have most invested in the country.

Thus the debate on national independence is not a substitute for concentrating on sustained economic recovery. It is a prerequisite.”

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