A Commitment to Community Leadership: Jimmy Duncan for Highland Council

My name is Jimmy Duncan, and I am honored to present myself as the Alba Party candidate for the Highland Council, representing the constituency of Inverness South. In offering this candidature, I seek to channel my extensive experience, both professionally and in community engagement, toward the betterment of our cherished locality.

A product of Millburn Academy, my roots are firmly embedded in Inverness and Tomatin, where I have resided for the entirety of my life. For the past thirty years, I have been self-employed as a joiner, an occupation that has endowed me with not only technical proficiency but also a comprehensive understanding of entrepreneurial intricacies. Operating my own business has been a testament to adaptability, fiscal prudence, and resilience in navigating the dynamic economic landscape.

In addition to my professional pursuits, my commitment to community service is evident through my roles on the Strathdearn Community Council and as a director of Strathdearn Community Development Ltd. These roles underscore my dedication to addressing local concerns and fostering sustainable community development. Furthermore, my involvement in overseeing the operations of the local shop and cafe has allowed me to contribute to the social and economic vitality of our community.

My decision to seek a position on the Highland Council is grounded in a desire to contribute meaningfully to the formulation and implementation of policies that address the unique challenges faced by our community. My extensive background as a joiner and business owner equips me with a pragmatic understanding of economic realities, which is pivotal in advocating for the welfare of local businesses and residents.

My vision for Inverness South encompasses a commitment to economic prosperity, community well-being, and infrastructural enhancements. By leveraging my professional insights and community-oriented experience, I aim to bridge the gap between the aspirations of the residents and the responsibilities of governance.

As constituents, your support will not only validate my candidacy but also signify a collective commitment to fostering positive change within our community. Together, let us embark on a journey of collaborative governance, where the voices of Inverness South are not only heard but actively shape the policies that define our shared future.

I humbly request your consideration and support in this endeavor, and I look forward to the opportunity to serve the community I hold dear.


Jimmy Duncan

If you would like to donate to ALBA Highland's campaign to get Jimmy Duncan elected to the Highland Council, you can do so by clicking here.

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