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Josh Robertson


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Highlands & Islands

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Josh Robertson has been an Independence supporter and ardent campaigner all his life.

A fluent Gaelic speaker with a passion for Scottish culture and history, he is a Lead Clinical Technologist for NHS Highland, responsible for designing medical devices and implementing technology to support patients to live independently across the Highland region. A guest lecturer at Top Scottish Universities on digital accessibility and design, determined to make the digital world more accessible for all.

With a rare neurological condition and a retired Paralympian mother, he has first-hand experience overcoming adversity. Josh is passionate about promoting all disabilities, inclusion, equality and fairness for all in society and not just selective, segregated bubbles to tick the diversity box.

With experience of giving a voice to those who can't speak, he has joined the Alba Party and is determined to help amplify Scotland's voice and fight for the nations' best interests. Offering a more just, equal, and prosperous Scotland for the people of Scotland.

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