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Judith Reid


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Highlands & Islands

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I was born and grew up on the outskirts of Buckie, daily smelling the fumes of a good old Scotch whisky.

Upon leaving school I worked in the catering industry, first as a wee waitress from a very young age, learning how to graft hard for a wage. Starting at the bottom I worked my way up to become a catering manager. I soon gained a passion for food and people.

Later I married a Queens Own Highlander and lived abroad for 5 years in Münster, Germany where my daughter was born.

I soon returned to Scotland, settling in Moray for a short while before moving to my current Inverness home, where my travels ended. I’ve lived here happily for 20 years.

My career as a Manager in the food industry continued for a while until I   branched out into caring for the elderly, where my passion for working with people who needed me was renewed.

Working with families and vulnerable people led me to become more involved in local and national political concerns, especially the Yes movement, which like many others, pulled at my heartstrings.

I soon became secretary of Inverness South SNP branch helping to double the membership in a very short period of time and was honoured to be nominated for SNP’s Activist of the Year in 2019. I was certainly central to organising many Highland independence events.

Working with local activists, Highland Council and the emergency services I built up links and good relationships so that we could organise 3 of the largest independence marches in the Highlands.I’ve sat on Community Councils and listened to locals’ and residents’ concerns.   I am a very strong voice for others and have equally strong views on the Culloden Battlefield development proposals and will oppose any and all attempts to infringe and damage our Scottish cultural heritage and history.

As a forward thinking, thrawn woman and an avid supporter of an Independent Scotland, I passionately believe the Alba Party will be the force that pushes Scotland to become that powerful country we know we can be.

A grand legacy for yours, mine and Scotland’s grandchildren.

Yours for an Independent Scotland.

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