#NotMyKing: ALBA hit out at Unionist Councils £6.5M King’s Coronation Cost

ALBA Party have accused Scotland’s Unionist led Councils of “pouring money down a drain” to fund Coronation Celebrations in the midst of a cost of living crisis. 

Freedom of information requests compiled by the ALBA Party shows that Unionist Councils are spending over £6.5 Million to fund their Coronation celebrations. 

ALBA say this highlights “hypocrisy” from Scotland’s Unionist Councils and undermines the case for more funding to be provided to Local Government. 

The highest cost borne is by Labour-led Fife Council. The Council spends £2.4M per day on wages but it has decided to give all of its staff the day off to “celebrate” the Coronation weekend. Further costs will follow for those that require to carry out essential work on the day. 

Several unionist Councils such as Labour-led Inverclyde and Conservative-led South Ayrshire either failed to respond or would not provide the figures, whilst others only provided the cost of extra overtime charges they would have to meet on the day. 

ALBA say that Scotland’s Local Government workforce would be better served by Unionist Council leaders by spending Council resources to increase their pay as opposed to giving them a day off to celebrate the Coronation of King Charles in the midst of a cost of living crisis. 

Earlier this year polling by ALBA Party showed that a majority of Scots would want an independent Scotland to have an elected head of state instead of retaining King Charles as the country’s monarch. 

The pro-independence party have entered the political recess period in high spirits thanks to polling by pollster Panelbase showing they’re on course to win their first-ever seats in the next Scottish Parliament election. 


Commenting ALBA Party General Secretary Chris McEleny, who served on Inverclyde Council for ten years, said: 

"Council workers are on the front line of many services we take for granted but quite simply couldn’t live without. From the many people I have spoken to it’s a decent pay rise they want - not a day off to celebrate the Coronation of King Charles. 

"Across Scotland, people are struggling to pay their household bills despite the fact we live in an energy-rich land. Unionist Councils may think that hanging up the bunting and yelling Rule Britannia is what people want but the reality is they just want them to get on with their day job. “



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