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Lynn McMahon


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My name is Lynn McMahon and I am delighted to have joined the Alba Party, and to be standing as a candidate on the regional list for Glasgow.  I have lived in Glasgow my whole life, apart from a year spent studying in Belgium with the Erasmus scheme, during my law degree at The University of Glasgow. 

I am now a solicitor working in private practice, specialising in commercial litigation, and practicing mostly in Court of Session cases.  I’ve never been actively involved in politics until now, but I am, and always have been, a passionate supporter of independence for Scotland.  

Since the 2014 referendum, I (like many) have been frustrated by what has seemed to me to be a lack of any real progress towards achieving independence.  That’s why I now want to play my part in making that happen.  I want to help work to deliver a supermajority of independence supporting MSPs in our Parliament, and to use that as a springboard to building a socially just, and economically successful, independent Scotland.

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