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Lynne Anderson


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Central Scotland

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I want an independent Scotland because I’m scunnered with the status quo. Devolution is not nearly enough to give us the fairer and more equitable society we all crave. I detest the utter disregard this Tory government has for human rights and the rule of law. I’m infuriated by the erosion of worker’s rights before our eyes and the pressures our people face in securing employment with basic rights like sick/holiday pay and access to housing with affordable rent. I want independence to allow us to press the reset button; to review our access to democracy, to use our taxes for our people…not weapons of mass destruction.

A chartered environmentalist with over 20 years’ experience, my career started in an environmental protection role within the Scottish Environment Protection Agency and later in planning roles. This involved advising the Scottish Government on significant proposals/mitigation. Qualified in Health & Safety and a Lead Auditor, these skills and experiences have been particularly useful in my role as Councillor since 2017. Particularly important given the scale of development, impact on infrastructure, communities and greenbelt across Central Scotland.

I have proven skills in strategic and critical thinking, vital for a legislator. More importantly, my time in public service has shown me that people just want to be heard. I am honest, pragmatic, transparent and I will dedicate myself to listening intently and speaking clearly and fearlessly for the people of Scotland.

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