8 in 10 Scots Demand Abolition of Higher Charges for Pre-Payment Meter Customers As MacAskill Calls on Chancellor to Act

Alba Depute Leader and fair energy prices campaigner Kenny MacAskill MP has today released the result of a poll carried out by Panelbase which shows that 79% of Scots polled, almost eight in ten, believe that the UK regulator, Ofgem (the Office of gas and electricity markets) should instruct energy companies to abolish the unfair higher standing charges currently levied against the users of Pre-Payment Meters.

In a statement Kenny MacAskill MP said:

“Almost eight out of ten Scots in this poll believe the UK regulator Ofgem should instruct energy companies to abolish the higher standing charges paid by Pre-Payment Meter customers.

“While every household in the land is facing sky rocketing fuel bills it is Pre-Payment Meter customers who are facing the highest charges.

“The public recognise the unfairness where it is often the least well off who are forced to pay more for their gas and electricity than those customers on the standard variable tariff.

“They quite rightly want the regulator Ofgem to instruct the energy companies to abolish these higher standing charges which are effectively a penalty on the poorest in society.

“We need action tomorrow from the Chancellor to extend the Energy price guarantee and to provide additional support for all households facing exorbitant energy bills.

“The time for the Government to get tough with the energy companies is long overdue.  Along with fuel poverty campaigners I am calling on the Chancellor to act to end the injustice of higher standing charges for Pre-Payment Meter customers and to introduce a fairer social tariff for those in greatest need.”

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