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Cllr Michelle Ferns



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I am a Councillor in the East End of Glasgow,  a busy working mum of four, carer and ex-City Convener for Workforce in Glasgow City Council. I was born in the east end of Dundee and came to live in Glasgow when I was sixteen and have brought up my four children here.

I've voted for and passionately believed in independence all of my life and it's always been my dream to live in an independent Scotland. A country where we have the levers to truly create a more equal, fairer and greener Scotland. Where we can consign issues like child poverty, food insecurity and in work poverty to the bin of history where they belong.

That is the country where I want my own children and all Scots to live in.

I have always been very aware that the communities I've lived in and represented have felt that politics is something that happens to them, rather than with their consent or engagement. That needs to change. 

I've been a carer for my eldest son for over thirty years and as a family we faced many challenges of having a family member with a disability. Some of those were unavoidable but many were as a result of structural inequality and a lack of hearing voices with lived experience when policy is developed. These were some of the reasons I became involved in Politics. I want to use my own experience to encourage others- especially working class women, to join the conversation. Because when women move, the world moves.



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