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In December 2019 the people of Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath made political history by electing me as their first independent and pro-independence MP.

In the tumult of the following year I worked with vigour and determination both in parliament and with my outstanding constituency team to deliver for the communities I represent.

I have also used my professional expertise to challenge the complete inadequacy of Westminster’s response to COVID.

Yet like so many I have been angered by our powerlessness in the face of Brexit and share the frustration of many who feel the aspirations of the independence movement are being ignored.

The Alba Party provide a tonic for our movement with an unashamedly optimistic vision for Scotland’s impending transition to an independent European nation.

The Alba party’s growing membership will shape our policy priorities in the coming week. The people of Scotland will always be my priority so it’s a very real honour to be standing for Alba and an independence #Supermajority.


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