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Neale Hanvey MP Ukraine Statement

ALBA Westminster Group Leader Neale Hanvey MP has criticised the UK and US administrations for their “determined hyping” of the prospect of war in Ukraine

His comments come as Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyat warned that such warnings were stoking panic.

Speaking about the developing situation Mr Hanvey said,

“I have been watching with growing concern the apparent and increasing appetite for conflict in Ukraine. In recent days this has developed into a determined hyping of impending conflict with many weekend newspapers running front-page headlines that lacked any credible evidence to support such alarm in the copy below.

“What we have repeatedly heard is assertions from UK and US sources of intelligence that such a conflict is imminent, but again there has been a distinct lack of evidence beyond those assertions when the matter has been pressed.

“Memories may be short in some journalistic and political circles, but I know that many have not forgotten the catastrophic consequences of the dodgy dossier that took us to war in Iraq. We must not repeat such mistakes and we cannot go to war based on assertions.

“No more clearly has this sentiment been expressed than by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy who stated yesterday that he himself has yet to see convincing evidence. It is simply inconceivable that we should be ramping up the case for war when the President of the country concerned remains unconvinced that a case for conflict exists.”

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