Alex Salmond warns Independence supporters not to trust Greens that are willing to prop up a Unionist Government

Alba Party leader Alex Salmond has said that the recent claim that independence is “not a red line" for the Green Party will likely lead to more pro-independence support coming over to his Party.

Speaking at the weekend, Mr Salmond addressed the claim by Green Party Co-Leader Lorna Slater that the issue of independence would not be a “red line” that would stop her party helping the Labour Party into power.

Salmond has said the Green Party will pay a political price for their comments, as he urged the independence movement “not to trust a Green Party that are plotting to prop up a unionist Government”.

With new Holyrood leader Ash Regan becoming the party’s first member of the Scottish Parliament, Alba Party are now represented at all levels of Government in Scotland.

Salmond believes that with the “first class” level of representation Ms Regan will now provide Alba Party at Holyrood, his party are well positioned to win the backing of more independence supporters.

Commenting former First Minister and Alba Party leader Alex Salmond said:

“Aside from the game-changing move of Ash Regan to ALBA, perhaps the most important recent strategic development in Scottish politics was the admission by the Green Party that independence is actually not a “red line” and that they would instead quite happily countenance a deal with the unionist Labour Party to keep themselves in Government.

“I cannot imagine a situation that I would have happily kept in Government a Party that were actively planning to prop up the Labour Party to lock a pro-independence Government out of office. Of course, I would not have been daft enough to form a coalition with the Green Party in the first place, but if Humza keeps the Greens in Government, whilst they are collaborating with the Labour Party, his authority will be damaged beyond repair.

“This should provide an eye opener for SNP supporters who have been prepared to tolerate the Green’s extraordinary and damaging incompetence in government because of their claimed support for independence! They certainly can’t trust a Green Party that are willing to prop up a unionist Government.

"Given that the Greens owe their entire Scottish parliamentary position to list votes from SNP supporters, this opens the field for ALBA to prosper further among independence supporters.”

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