Nuclear Weapons

Scotland Says No

The Alba Party is opposed to the manufacturing, hosting and use of Nuclear weapons and calls on the negotiating party of an independent Scotland to ensure the removal of Weapons of Mass Destruction, and all associated Nuclear materials hosted at HMNB Clyde, from day one of Scotland being re-established as an independent nation.

The RNAD Coulport Depot, which is used to mate Trident Missiles to Nuclear Warheads before loading them onto Nuclear Submarines, is ideally placed to harness wind energy potential.

We, therefore, call on the Scottish Government of an independent Scotland to commence construction of Europe’s largest Renewable Energy Windfarm at the current home of Trident immediately after Weapons of Mass Destruction are removed from Scottish Soil.

The ALBA Party calls on the Government of an independent Scotland to endorse the United Nations Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW).