Oswald Dodges Question on Indy Ref Poll

“What is the point of yet another SNP mandate?” asks ALBA’s Hanvey

“The ballot papers have barely been packed away and the SNP is now backing away from its independence referendum commitment”

This was said by Kirkcaldy ALBA MP Neale Hanvey commenting on SNP Deputy Westminster leader, Kristin Oswald MP, refusing to commit to an independence referendum next year.

Pressed repeatedly by Martin Geissler on the BBC Sunday Show Ms Oswald declined to say that Scots would be in the polling stations next year voting for independence.

Mr Hanvey commented:

“In the run up to the local elections the SNP were firm that there would be a referendum next year a they have promised. Now two days later there is an entire lexicon of excuses and evasions.

“Let us be quite clear. If the SNP deliver as pledged the ALBA Party and indeed all other Yes groupings will unite behind the independence banner.

“However, if they renege then they will reap the Electoral whirlwind from the hundreds of thousands of Scots demanding action not evasion on independence”

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