"The Scottish people deserve a Scottish Government that will pursue a serious strategy for Independence" says ALBA's Hanvey

Reacting today (Monday) to the SNP Conference speech by the First Minister and SNP Leader Nicola Sturgeon MSP, ALBA Westminster Leader Neale Hanvey MP said:

“Yet again the SNP Leader proclaims her support for Scotland’s Independence.  Conference rhetoric to rouse the delegates is one thing but delivering an Independence Referendum in the face of Westminster’s blatant refusal to grant one is another. 

“Since 2016 there have been as many unfulfilled promises to hold an independence referendum as there has been Tory Prime Ministers. The time for political spin is over. The people of Scotland deserve, and demand, a Scottish Government that will pursue a serious strategy to deliver independence.

“The Yes movement is hungry for change and it is the role of the First Minister to provide the leadership and the strategy that will deliver that change. So where was the strategy for bending Westminster to the sovereign will of the Scottish people when Liz Truss says no? 

“And to the question of what happens when the Supreme Court denies the legality of holding an Independence Referendum? Nicola’s answer was that we must accept their ruling and reflect upon it.

“The Independence movement needs a clear strategy for what happens when the Supreme Court and the UK Government denies the democratic right of Scots to determine their own constitutional future in an Independence Referendum.

“Scotland is a sovereign nation, with a right to self-determination.  We should not be seeking permission to hold a referendum but asserting our right to do so.

“What is required now is a clear determination to face down Westminster, through if necessary, a Scottish Constitutional Convention of all of Scotland’s MSPs, MPs and Council Leaders so that it is not just the First Minister against the Prime Minister or Holyrood versus Westminster but a whole nation asserting the sovereign will of the Scottish people.”


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