Salmond: Recall Holyrood to immediately table referendum bill to capitalise on Westminster’s Chaos

ALBA PARTY LEADER ALEX SALMOND has called for Holyrood to be recalled so that a Bill for a Scottish Independence Referendum can be tabled in the Scottish Parliament immediately to take advantage of the chaos in Westminster. 

ALBA Party say that there is nothing to stop the Scottish Government, or any back bench MSP, from doing so. 

Salmond has urged the Scottish Parliament to act whilst Liz Truss is focused on saving her premiership and her Tory Party is immersed with infighting stating that “this is the ideal moment to use Holyrood’s pro-independence mandate to ensure that Westminster’s difficulty is Scotland’s opportunity.” 

It was confirmed at the Supreme Court last week that Scottish Government Ministers could in good faith bring forward a bill without the Lord Advocates consent, and further that any back bench MSP could table an independence referendum bill without requiring to seek the advice of the Lord Advocate. 

At his Party’s Conference at the weekend, Salmond confirmed that ALBA had commissioned an opinion from one of Scotland’s top KCs on the real legal basis of Scotland’s right of self-determination. A case he says, “has to be ready to take to whatever court when it is required - domestic and international, and the case we shall take to the people.”

The ALBA Party leader has now called for members of the Scottish Parliament to be ordered to return from holiday and for Holyrood to be immediately recalled so that an independence referendum bill can be tabled. 

Commenting ALBA Party Leader Alex Salmond said: 

“Westminster is in chaos. Last night there were even reports of Members of Parliament being manhandled to ensure they voted with the Government. The entire British establishment is in a state of disarray. This current lot make David Cameron and George Osborne look like political titans. 

“As the Tories attempt to burn their house to the ground we have the absurdity of fuel poor Scots in energy rich Scotland. 

“Just as we saw with the replacement of Boris Johnson with Liz Truss, Scotland will gain absolutely nothing by replacing one unelected Tory Prime Minister with another. 

“The Scottish Parliament should see Westminster’s difficulty as Scotland’s opportunity.  The Scottish Parliament should be immediately recalled so that an independence referendum bill can be tabled. There has never been a greater time to ask Scots to grasp the opportunity of regaining their independence, but for that to happen we need the Scottish Government to give the people the choice of choosing their own future.”

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