ALBA response to the Windsor Framework

In response to the Windsor Framework Alba Party Westminster Leader Neale Hanvey MP said,

“Any initiative to sustain a lasting peace in Northern Ireland will be welcome news for the entire island of Ireland and for the constituent countries of the UK, and should be supported by all politicians.

"The detail and implications of the Windsor Framework will require proper scrutiny but Alba Party's focus will be on the glaringly obvious implications of double standards that disadvantage Scottish businesses. Scotland voted by an overwhelming majority to remain in the EU as did Northern Ireland, albeit to a lesser degree.

“This raises an obvious concern about unequal access to the economic benefits of the EU single market for the Scottish people and our businesses. The Prime Minister has repeatedly referenced the need to address a "democratic deficit” in Ireland, but it is simply undeniable that without equity of access for all remain voting parts of the UK he is actually creating a further democratic deficit for the people of Scotland.

"It is therefore abundantly clear that this can only be addressed by Scotland regaining our independence as an immediate priority.”

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