Return Of Time Lord Cameron Demonstrates Mediocrity Of Current Tory MPs

Responding to David Cameron’s appointment as Foreign Secretary ALBA leader Alex Salmond said;

“I have no problem with David Cameron’s return. I always found him decent and honourable to deal with as Prime Minister. He will be one of the few adults in the Cabinet Room, a substantial political figure when compared with the current crop of complete nonentities.

"However this appointment represents two crushing admissions from Prime Minister Rishi Sunak

"Firstly, recalling David Cameron as a “Time Lord” is a damning indictment of the abysmal mediocrity of the present parliamentary Tory Party. He has benches stuffed with Tory MPs and not a single one of them is fit to be Foreign Secretary!

"Secondly, David Cameron’s return as Foreign Secretary is a devastating acceptance that Brexit has been an expensive and desultory disaster. Every European leader will see the return of the arch-remainer as Foreign Secretary as representing that truth and the current Prime Minister should now face it and take appropriate action”

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