ALBA Party Demand The Immediate Return of the Stone of Destiny to Scotland

Alex Salmond’s Alba Party have demanded that the Stone of Destiny is immediately returned to Scotland. 

Delegates at the pro-independence Party’s Spring Conference backed a motion at the weekend calling on First Minister Humza Yousaf and Historic Environment Scotland to ensure the immediate transfer of the Stone of Destiny back to Scotland. 

Historic Environment Scotland (HES) say that it was to remain in London until the coronation theatre at Westminster Abbey closed, but that there was no official date on when it would return.

ALBA Party want the Stone returned now and have called for it to embark on a National Tour of Scotland before taking up its new home at a bespoke museum that is being constructed in Perth to house it. 

Commenting ALBA Party’s National Organisation Convener Denise Findlay said: 

“The Stone of Destiny is an ancient symbol of our Nation’s Sovereignty. To some it might just be a lump of rock, but it is our lump of rock.

“The sole reason it takes part in Coronation’s at Westminster Abbey is to symbolise Overlordship of Scotland. The Scottish Constitutional tradition has a history that Scotland’s Kings swore an oath of allegiance to the people so it was bitterly disappointing that, whilst Westminster denies Scots their right to Self-Determination, the First Minister agreed to allow the Stone to travel to London before following it there to needlessly swear an Oath of Allegiance to King Charles. 

“The last time the stone was taken to London it took four decades for it to be returned. The Stone of Destiny should be immediately returned to Scotland.” 

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