Salmond in Rallying Call to Independence Movement

“The SNP are in deep trouble but independence support remains strong. We need a campaign vehicle to take the cause forward, separate from the trials and tribulations of the SNP or the Scottish Government. That is how to rally independence support this Spring."


This was said by former First Minister, Alex Salmond, speaking to a Wee ALBA Book meeting in Coatbridge this evening. The meeting was the 52nd in a series of rallies over the last year to promote ALBA’s new case for Scottish independence as the new party breaks through.

“The case for the calling of an Independence Convention is not just a question of the current difficulties of the SNP. However, these make it a matter of extreme urgency. Humza Yousaf needs to swallow his pride and realise that thankfully the independence movement is bigger than the SNP and call the Convention now.

He can then get on with mending his fractured party and restoring competent Government to Scotland. Meanwhile, an Independence Convention can progress the case for independence and the new strategy to get us there. We need to decouple independence support from the fortunes of any one political party.”

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