Salmond slams “battle of the duffers”

“You couldn’t put a used betting slip between the policies of Tory and Labour”

Former Scottish First Minister, Alex Salmond, has described the last standoff debate between Keir Starmer and Rishi Sunak as the “ultimate battle of the duffers”. On the campaign trail supporting ALBA candidates Debbie Ewen in Livingston, Ray James in Mid Dumbartonshire and Josh Robertson in Airdrie and Shotts, Mr Salmond said;
“Never has there been two so completely inadequate contenders for office. They bicker about the square route of zero and have precisely nothing to offer the people.
“You could not put a used betting slip between this pair. Their migration and taxation differences are marginal. The real issues which should be dominating this election - the ruinous impact of sky high interest rates, the damage done to trade with the European Union, War in Europe and the slaughter in Gaza, don’t even get a look in. When the country is crying out for leadership Sunak and Starmer offer less of the same.
In this apology for a debate, the only person making sense was the frustrated gentleman in the audience who told them both to their faces how inadequate they were as candidates for high office. The protesters outside the hall sounded more eloquent than the pair of duffers inside it.”
“Of course for the second successive Prime Ministerial debate, Scotland didn’t even get a mention which is why the radical independence alternative of ALBA is so essential in this election”
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