ALBA reports both broadcasters to Ofcom for “carving up election debates”
Former First Minister, Alex Salmond, has slammed both mainstream Scottish broadcasters for “carving up the election debates” among the established parties.
The leader of the ALBA Party said:
“Both STV and BBC should hang their heads in shame. They both show scant regard for their obligations to fairness and impartiality and no imagination of any kind in the presentation of political coverage. 
"As of today ALBA have two MPs, the same number as Scottish Labour but after a week of the election campaign they have not shown ALBA in a single broadcast report. Every report is the same dreary dirge from the established parties supplemented by extra coverage when their UK leaders come up on a day trip.
"Next Monday they have announced the first election debate with four Holyrood leaders, all men. If they had included ALBA and the Greens they could have had in Ash Regan and Lorna Slater two women on their panel and fulfilled their obligations to diversity as well as political balance, since they would have had three panelists for and against independence. This shameful carve up has been reported to Ofcom.
"As for BBC Scotland they have the broadcast “Debate Night’ Show from Kirkcaldy, advertising it as a Labour target seat. This seat is held by Neale Hanvey an ALBA MP who won it in 2019 as an independent nationalist, but there is still no ALBA representative. And yet they have included on the panel the Scottish Greens who have no MPs and in Lorna Slater someone who was on their programme only three weeks ago! It is blatant discrimination against the ALBA Party and will also be reported to Ofcom.
"If the terrible twins of Scottish broadcasting continue like this they will prejudice the entire election and result in a mass turn off of a totally bored electorate. One of the few exciting developments in politics right now is the new diversity of parties. However, BBC Scotland and STV are stuck in an old rut with their pals in the established parties.”
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