Alex Salmond Responds to Starmer's Pledge to Shut Down the North Sea

The Former First Minster and Leader of the ALBA Party, Alex Salmond, responds to Keir Starmer's pledge to shut down the North Sea: 

“The last Labour Government sabotaged the past Miller project in 2007 depriving Scotland of an early move into both carbon capture and the hydrogen economy. Now Keir Starmer wants to sabotage the future by a blanket ban on North Sea development.

"The way to develop the resource compatible with the planet is to make every development consent contingent on a full carbon capture proposal. Despite the prospect of an £80 billion oil taxation windfall used as a bail out of the UK finances no London Government, Labour or Tory, will commit to this which is why we need independence and control of our own resources.

"Unfortunately, the SNP/Green position is to speculate on the terms of putting Sir Keir Starmer, the North Sea job destroyer, into power.”

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