ALBA: Scotland must reject “Dishonest” Westminster politics

SCOTLAND must reject the Westminster culture of “dishonest” politics to achieve independence, say Alba Party. 

Addressing the Alba Party Campaign Conference, held today in Fife, the party’s Westminster leader Neale Hanvey MP called for a greater honesty in public debate to help restore faith in politics and drive the cause of Scottish independence forward. 

Speaking to Alba Party members Hanvey highlighted the dishonesty shown by Westminster on issues such as WASPI women, the Horizon Post Office scandal as he urged Scottish Nationalists to reject controversial stances in Scotland that he says undermine the independence movement.

Hanvey says that it is time for politics in Scotland to start being honest when it comes to issues such as gender identity as he called the SNP to “leave its obsession with the high ways and byways of Gender Self Identification in the past and refocus on the people’s priorities of independence, housing, the NHS and the economy.” 

Speaking today at Alba Party’s Campaign Conference, Alba Party Westminster leader Neale Hanvey MP said: 

“Scotland has been failed by politicians that have promoted falsehoods as if they were truths. This must now change. 

It is a lie to claim that people can be born in the wrong body. The Cass report must be implemented. We must do everything we can to pressure both the Scottish and UK Governments to implement the recommendations of the report. 

This is especially important as the effect of the so called Conversion Therapy Ban actually will exacerbate all of the harms that the Cass Report highlights. 

Our central ambition and path to independence will not be handed to us. Alba Party will make sure we make good on a mandate for independence. We need honesty in our movement, not more of the same from politicians claiming they will take forward the case for independence but continually failing to do so.”

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