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ALBA Party Members call for an independent Scotland not to seek NATO membership

Alex Salmond’s ALBA Party have agreed that an independent Scotland should not seek NATO membership.

The debate, held at the party’s conference, was part of a policy motion on Defence and Security which was approved today.

Moved by the Party’s General Secretary Chris McEleny, the motion also set out the broad principals Alba believe should underpin the Defence and Security of an independent Scotland, including an anti nuclear stance.

Commenting ALBA Party General Secretary Chris McEleny said:

“The NATO of over a decade ago is not that of today. As an independent country that is a member of NATO, the risk of Scotland being dragged to conflicts we do not support would be real. The increasing seduction of our politicians by NATO forces would inevitably lead to a roll back of the speed at which Scotland removed Trident from the Clyde.

“ALBA will not support an Independent Scotland's membership of NATO.

“An Independent Scotland's defence should exist to keep our people safe and to be an ally only of the voices for peace in the world

That is the principals of which we have set out today."

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