Scotland's Constitution

A Modern Scotland

One of the fundamental reasons so many Scots want independence for Scotland is so that we can create a fair and prosperous society where all our citizens' rights are protected and enshrined in law. Independence is exciting as it allows us to build a new Scotland, with a clear set of principles and a different type of governance. It is only with independence that we are able to chart this new direction for Scotland, with a written constitution and a newly elected head of state.

When sovereignty is secured with an independent Scottish state, the most important post-independence action will be the engagement with the people in framing the fundamental law, the supreme law, in a written constitution, by which Scotland will govern itself.

The ALBA Party acknowledges the work already done by a variety of groups on a proposed constitution for an independent Scotland protecting the rights of all our people. We consider that a series of citizens’ assemblies followed by a referendum will be the appropriate mechanism for consultation, participation, and approval.

The ALBA Party recognises that when the people are free and independent, they must fashion the instruments with which we are to govern ourselves - the division of powers, the extent of those powers between the parliament and the executive, the franchise, the electoral system, freedom of speech, a free media, independence of the judiciary, how judges are appointed, the relationship between government, police and people, and the principles and values that self-describe us as the nation we want the international community to see and for Scottish citizens to experience.

A written constitution starts from the principle that the people of Scotland are sovereign, in keeping with the Scottish constitutional tradition and as such we propose to the consultation that Scotland should move to an elected head of state with similar powers to that of the Uachtarán na h Éireann (The President of Ireland)

ALBA have started a petition calling on all parties to get behind an independent Scotland scrapping the monarchy. You can sign this petition by clicking the link below.