Scottish Politics Requires Realignment - Salmond

ALBA Party leader and former First Minister, Alex Salmond, commented on the General Election results

“First I congratulate Keir Starmer on his landslide victory. However, Labour should also reflect on the fact that their victory has been achieved on a much lower numbers of votes, and indeed share of the vote, than Jeremy Corbyn achieved in defeat in 2017.

The difference is the realignment of the right wing in English politics and the rise of Reform which has handed the landslide victory to Labour.

The question now is will the hard reality of the Scottish election which has decimated the SNP provoke the necessary realignment in independence politics.

The only viable strategy towards independence is to see the list vote in the 2026 Scottish poll as the means by which the independence parties working together can achieve a popular mandate by winning a majority of the votes.

If the independence case is put forward confidently then the Scottish public will rally to its support.

That is the course ALBA advocate and it’s time is coming. Unlike first past the post the list vote offers emergent parties, like ALBA, the opportunity to prosper. That is what we intend to do.”

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