Single-Use Electronics

A Cleaner Scotland

Increasing numbers of electronic devices are being brought to market with batteries that are neither re-chargeable nor replaceable. The result is that the device and battery containing hazardous and often dangerous materials such as Lithium are thrown away in normal rubbish destined for landfill or incineration. This results in an increasing waste of resources and risk of fires and poisoning where such devices are carelessly discarded. Particularly egregious examples of such products are single use vape cigarettes, disposable electric toothbrushes, single use phone chargers and “electronic” pregnancy tests that simply add a display and sensors to the standard paper strip test with zero gain in functionality.

Other products are appearing in different markets. These include disposable electronic games, light up soft drink bottles, advertising labels for shop shelves with screens, disposable screen video advertising devices etc.

These products are a growing liability and must be banned now before they increase in number creating ever bigger resource waste.

ALBA are calling for:

The Scottish Government to show their commitment to sustainability by raising legislation to ban single use electronic devices.

Scotland to set an example when it comes to banning single-use plastic products.

The Scottish Government to prevent the import and sale of any products of a similar nature and composition.