SNP campaign video which uses song with racist lyric slammed

African Scots for ALBA have slammed an SNP campaign video which uses a song that contains a highly offensive racist lyric. 

In a video posted on TikTok the SNP posted a selection of policies, including in relation to Palestine, that used a song called “Pretty Girls Walk” by Artist Big Boss Vette. The song is marked with an explicit disclaimer on streaming platforms such as apple. 

As well as containing highly sexualised language the song uses the racist “N” word throughout its lyrics. 

Alba Party’s Tony Osy has expressed his upset that the SNP have “ casually embraced racist language which is being normalised in the United States but is grievously offensive and hurtful in Scotland.” 

Mr Osy, Alba Party’s Candidate for Glasgow South West, is an environmental civil engineer and human rights activist, he was born in the Ivory Coast and moved to Scotland 25 years ago.

Commenting Alba Party Candidate Tony Osy of African Scots for Alba said: 

“The stigma of that word embodies and invokes painful memories and inhumane ill-will. Younger artists have tried to reclaim it as a badge of honour but this fails to realise that people lost their lives due to the beliefs perpetuated by the use of this word.

“We must not condone, award, or engage in political messaging that uses the N-word in any capacity, or in any artistic endeavor that does not allude to the historical context of the word, or that does not highlight the prejudicial nature of the word. Political Parties that do not understand the deeply hurtful and dehumanising use of that racist word should not be using it in clickbait political adverts.”


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