SNP ditch independence from Ballot

Salmond: "The SNP hoist the White Flag on independence"

THE SNP have chosen to drop use of the word Independence at the General Election.

The decision has been confirmed today after notice of polls have been published across Scotland.

At their Annual Conference last year, SNP members agreed that the SNP should seek to add the words ‘Independence for Scotland’ or words to that effect, to the ballot paper description at the General Election to “make it clear beyond doubt what’s at stake at this election”.

However, it has been revealed today across Scotland that the SNP leadership have moved against the wishes of their own party members and opted to drop mention of independence from the party’s description on the ballot paper.

Former First Minister and Alba Party leader Alex Salmond says the move is “the latest in a trend of the SNP distancing itself from independence - which is the reason the independence movement is distancing itself from the SNP.”

Salmond’s Alba Party will be fielding 19 candidates at the General Election and they will “put independence on the ballot paper” with Alba Party candidates being listed as “Alba Party:Yes to Independence” on each ballot paper.

Alba Party’s Depute leader Kenny MacAskill will also fight the newly established Alloa and Grangemouth Constituency seeking to save Scotland’s only refinery from closure.

Commenting former First Minister and Alba Party leader Alex Salmond said:

“The SNP went to great lengths last year to promote that they would be putting independence on the ballot paper and they had new descriptions approved by the Electoral Commission only a couple of months ago.

Their decision to now drop mention of independence is simply the continuation of a pattern that has resulted in many independence supporters becoming completely disillusioned with the SNP. The SNP have hoist the white flag on independence. That is why Alba Party are mobilising the independence movement to ensure that their votes count for independence at the General Election.

Unlike the SNP, Alba are putting independence on the ballot paper.”


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