SNP-Green Coalition "Kicks Independence Can Down The Road Once Again"

ALBA MP Kenny MacAskill Standing next to Forth Bridge

In a statement Kenny MacAskill MP said:

“The SNP/Green coalition kicks the Independence can down the road once again.  The Programme for Government pays lip service to Independence while the First Minister confirmed today that no work has been done on preparing for Independence within Government since the 2014 White Paper when she talked about pressing the “restart” button.

“ The 60 seconds dedicated in today’s statement to Independence shows where this Government’s priorities lie.  The SNP/Green coalition continues to use the Covid Pandemic as cover for not implementing the renewed mandate for an Independence referendum.  The ‘commitment’ to a referendum by 2023 is not worth the paper it is written on as it is dependent on recovery from Covid. 

“Independence is essential for Covid recovery.  If we wait until 2023 for a referendum we are not only giving Boris Johnston a veto over Scotland’s future we are allowing Westminster to make the essential decisions on which Covid recovery depends.

“Alba’s inaugural Conference later this week will show beyond doubt that we are the only party fully committed to and campaigning for Independence with the urgency and the radicalism that is required.”

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