ALBA: SNP “Holding Back” Independence Cause

The SNP are holding back the cause of independence according to ALBA Party, as new polling shows support for independence now much higher than for the SNP. 

Independence sits at 48% support in the most recent polling with the SNP set to get 37% of the Constituency vote share at the next Scottish Parliament election. 

The Panelbase poll released by the Sunday Times also shows a surge in support for ALBA Party who are now polling 5% on the Scottish Parliament Regional list - a result high enough to see ALBA win seats in Holyrood according to analysis by polling expert Professor John Curtice. 

ALBA say that they have high hopes they will continue to see a rise in support as people across Scotland agree with them that “Continuity Won’t Cut it” and that much more “urgent action” is required on independence. 


Commenting ALBA Party leader Alex Salmond said: 

"We see in the opinion polls that support for the SNP is going down quite sharply but support for independence has remained at a very high level. So I’ve reached the conclusion that the evidence indicates that actually it is the SNP as a political party are now holding the cause of independence back. Some of that may just be because the SNP have been in power in Scotland for 16 years, and over a period of time all Governments make mistakes and become unpopular but right now you would expect, with independence so high in the polls at 48% you would think the SNP would want to focus on independence. 

"When I first became First Minister support for the SNP was much higher than support for independence, now we have the exact opposite with support for independence much higher than support for the SNP so the case now indicates that the SNP are holding independence back. 

"Therefore the ALBA Party have been campaigning for independence as an immediate priority that is why we are seeing people across Scotland agreeing that continuity won’t cut it, which has resulted in both a surge of new ALBA Party members and at the polls - which would see the first ever ALBA Party representatives elected to the Scottish Parliament."

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