ALBA Party General Secretary Chris McEleny statement in solidarity with RMT Scotland members

“I send my solidarity to RMT members who will take part in industrial action on Monday. 

“Trade Union members are on the front line reflecting the hopes and aspirations of working people across the country in winning better pay and conditions for everyone. 

“I know from my own experiences of taking strike action that no worker does so lightly, but as a last resort to protect the pay and conditions that our families and future workers will depend upon. 

“It's ironic that the Scottish Government have expressed their disappointment that the RMT leadership have exercised the democratic mandate they have to negotiate on behalf of their members, a position not too dissimilar to the anti-trade union laws the Tories wish to impose on the country. 

“I urge the Scottish Government to make an improved, acceptable and negotiated offer, so that workers across Scotland can stand with them in demanding that the Westminster Government enacts policies that better the lives of working people as opposed to tax cuts for the rich funded by the poor.” 

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