Former First Minister, Alex Salmond has attacked the Blairite Labour candidate for Lothian East, Douglas Alexander, describing him “as the ghost of all that was worst in the warmongering Blair government”

Mr Salmond was campaigning in Tranent with former MP for East Lothian and Alba candidate, George Kerevan. 

He said;

Douglas Alexander was a lynchpin of the Government which took Britain into an illegal war in Iraq and cost the lives of half a million innocent civilians. He was a Minister in the Cabinet Office during the invasion and a Cabinet Minister afterwards. Not once did he express a single word of apology for the disaster that was Iraq. Instead he defended Blair to the hilt and to the end.

"Now he believes he is going to be Foreign Secretary in a Starmer Government. Does anyone seriously believe that a politician like Douglas Alexander is going to stand up for justice in Gaza or seek a peace in Europe?

"George Kerevan stands for Scottish independence and he also stands for international peace and justice. He would be an incomparably better MP for this new constituency than a ghost of Labour’s warmongering past”

George Kerevan said;

“The people of these communities of East Lothian were appalled by the war in Iraq and how the lives of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and 179 British soldiers were sacrificed on an alter of a Blair lie.

“Throughout this campaign I have been calling politely but persistently for an acknowledgement and an apology from my Labour opponent. He is the most senior Labour figure standing in this election who was complicit in an illegal war. And yet not a word of contrition has been forthcoming.

"It is imperative that Douglas Alexander is sent homewards to think again by the electorate of Lothian East.”

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