Statement from Ash Regan MSP

Commenting on the election of John Swinney as SNP leader and likely next First Minister of Scotland, Alba Party Holyrood leader Ash Regan MSP said: 

"Firstly, I congratulate John Swinney on his election. I welcome his comments that he will seek to work with everyone across Parliament so that his new minority Government can pass budgets and legislation. 

"I have emailed John to congratulate him on taking up the position of SNP Leader again. I stand ready to meet and work constructively with him, an opportunity I offered to his predecessor in good faith in my role as Alba Party Leader at Holyrood.

"As presumptive First Minister, I look forward to working productively as Holyrood Leader of Alba to our common purpose for substantive action on independence, protecting the rights of women and safeguarding children, and restoring competence to the Scottish Government and our Parliament.

"It’s time for the unpopular policies and ideological agendas to be left in the past. The new Scottish Government must give a renewed focus to matters that are core to Scotland’s people: independence, health, education, infrastructure, jobs, and the economy. These are the issues that truly matter to our citizens and should be prioritised."

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