Student Support

Supporting our Students

Students in tertiary education in Scotland are getting a bad deal. Despite the landmark achievement of the abolishment of Tuition fees, implemented by the ALBA Party Leader, Alex Salmond, many students still face economic hardship which has been exacerbated by the current Cost of Living Crisis.

Students have been largely excluded from most targeted student support. The ALBA Party believes that there is an urgent need to rectify this wrong and more needs to be done to support students in Scotland.

Student loan payments have remained stagnant for too long and the income bands that determine the amount of money a student receives are no longer fit for purpose. Adequate support needs to be put into place to assist the next generation of Nurses, Doctors and Teachers get a receive agood education.

We believe that the Scottish Government should implement a review of the income bands that determine how much support individual students receive.

The Scottish Government must use the taxation powers that they currently have, to provide a fair deal for Scotland’s students. Including but not limited to, an extension of SAAS payments over the summer months and an increase in monthly payments in line with other Government support benefits.

Currently, no party is a champion of Scotland’s students and that needs to change. ALBA are the party to bring about that change. Adequate support is vital to assist the next generation of Nurses, Doctors and Teachers get a receive a good education.