Sunak Wins While Scotland Loses Yet Again

Reacting to the announcement that Rishi Sunak MP has been elected unopposed as the next Tory Leader and Prime Minister, ALBA Westminster Leader Neale Hanvey MP said:

“Rishi Sunak may have won the Tory crown but it is Scotland that loses yet again.

“Of course this whole pantomime is a democratic disgrace but for Scotland it is doubly so as Scotland has not voted for the Tories in any UK Election in well over half a century.  Indeed only 6 Tory MPs from Scotland will have had any say over this Prime Minister. We did not elect them then and we do not want them governing our country, squandering the massive wealth of Scotland’s Energy riches while our people and businesses struggle to pay their energy bills this winter.

“But what is truly disgraceful is that while the Tory government at Westminster is disintegrating before our very eyes the First Minister and the SNP Westminster Leader seem fixated on saving the British State, when they should be taking the action necessary to secure Scotland’s Independence.

“That is not a strategy for asserting the sovereign will of the Scottish people it is an unforgivable abdication of responsibility by those who were given an explicit electoral instruction to secure our nation’s freedom.

“We need to see an Independence Referendum Bill tabled at Holyrood forthwith and we need MSPs and MPs come together in Scotland to form a Constitutional Convention, in alliance with civic Scotland.

“Scotland has had enough of Tory governments we did not elect and of the Scottish Government and its MPs at Westminster putting more effort into saving the union from itself while forgetting the job we were all sent here to do.

“Enough is Enough! It’s time for Independence.”

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