This is how we accelerate independence through the 2021 Election


Understand the #Supermajority Strategy

1. Tip the balance in Scotland’s Favour

The more success a party has on the constituency vote, the less well it does on the regional list vote. That's why in 2016 #BothVotesSNP led to 1 million wasted pro-independence list votes.

Voting Alba Party on May 6th will make sure no pro-independence vote goes to waste by securing a #Supermajority for independence.

Let’s tip the balance in Scotland’s favour.

2. The mandate to negotiate independence

The Westminster Government has already said it will not allow another independence referendum in Scotland.

The #Supermajority will be the only mandate needed to begin negotiating Scotland’s independence as a parliament, rather than just a party.

3. It’s time for #BothVotesYES

#voteALBA on the List

On May 6th you have two votes. On your constituency ballot paper, #voteSNP for your local SNP candidate. On your regional ballot paper, #voteAlba Party to ensure an independence #Supermajority.

The weight of these two votes combined, will tip the balance in Scotland's favour and guarantee a #Supermajority for independence in the Scottish Parliament this year.

Be part of the #Supermajority movement for independence