ALBA Party to take part in Supreme Court Decision Rallies Across Scotland

ALBA Party have issued a call to their members to “Stand for Scotland” by joining rallies across Scotland on Wednesday after the Supreme Court outcome to demand that “Enough is Enough. It’s time for independence”.

Thirteen rallies have now been organised across Scotland. They will follow the announcement of the UK Supreme Court decision on whether the Scottish Parliament has the power to hold an independence referendum. 

Commenting an ALBA Party Spokesperson said: 

“ALBA stands for Scotland and we will be supporting, and encourage all of our members to get along to one of the Time For Scotland rallies taking place across the country. We have held over 40 pro-independence town hall meetings across Scotland since the start of summer and it is clear that people in communities across the country agree that enough is enough - it’s time for independence. 

“Scotland’s future should be determined by the people of Scotland - not Westminster or the UK Supreme Court. We have been promised a referendum next year, and that is what the people of Scotland voted for. Democracy demands it is delivered.” 



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