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My name is Suzanne Blackley and I’m standing as a candidate for the Alba Party in this year's Holyrood election. I was born and bred in Dumfries & Galloway and Dumfries is my home. I’m a mum of three, and carer to my autistic son. 

I joined the Alba Party because I know that Scotland can be a prosperous, independent nation. I want my children to grow up in an independent Scotland full of opportunities for them, with excellent education and employment choices, even in our rural areas like South Scotland. I am committed to improving the rights of the disabled and their unpaid carers, who deserve greater recognition for the amazing work they do in our communities.

I believe that a pro-independence Supermajority within Holyrood is the best chance we have for Scotland gaining its independence. A Supermajority will not only show Westminster the will of the Scottish people, but it will also show the world that Scotland wishes to be in charge of its own destiny. 

Let the independence movement unite on May the 6th for an independence Supermajority. Vote SNP in the constituency and vote Alba on the list for #BothVotesYES.

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