The campaign in Motherwell South East and Ravenscraig is well and truly underway

The backdrop to the campaign was Labour Run North Lanarkshire Council deciding to close a raft of Leisure and Sports facilities. Then, quickly after lots of public opposition, Labour reversed their decision.

That has led to two simple questions: firstly, was this just a rouse by Labour? And secondly, if not, what is Labour’s secret plan to now balance the books?

ALBA Party have been campaigning hard on the ground highlighting the ridiculous situation that Scotland is an energy rich nation but in North Lanarkshire our services are under threat to set a balanced budget. It just doesn’t add up.

ALBA Party are making sure that the cost of living crisis isn’t a reason to stop talking about independence but rather the opposite. We have more oil and gas than we need and we generate more electricity from renewables than we use. So why are we being hit with unaffordable bills ? Fuel poor Scots should not exist in an energy rich Scotland - that is a message that people across Scotland can relate to.

In the here and now it’s important we get this message out to people across Motherwell South East and Ravenscraig. So over the coming weeks if you can spare any time at all please come along and help us make that case.

You can find out more details here of our campaign activity.

Posted by Robert Slavin, ALBA Party Local Government Convener

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