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ALBA Westminster Leader, Neale Hanvey MP on the sacking of the Chancellor

Comments from Alba Party Westminster Leader Neale Hanvey MP on the sacking of the Chancellor:

“The Prime Minister’s decision to throw her ideological partner, Mr Kwarteng under her mini-budget-bus shows how unprepared she is for leadership.

“Ms Truss was warned repeatedly during her selection campaign that her proposals would lead to economic disaster, but she pressed ahead nonetheless.

“She has also revealed that her disastrous diet of policy was developed without any consultation beyond herself and Mr Kwarteng. If he deserves sacking for the resultant calamity, then Ms Truss should be in no doubt, as co-conspirator she too should stand down with immediate effect.

“She has lost any modicum of authority she had, and her attempt to scapegoat her Chancellor should be met with the contempt it deserves. She must go and go now.”

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