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Tories have no credibility in Scotland says ALBA’s National Equalities Convener

Eva Comrie in front of Stirling Castle

THE Scottish Tories are suffering from a  “lack of credibility” according to the ALBA Party’s Equalities Convener following a number of recent high-profile controversies for Douglas Ross’s party.

Commenting Alba Equalities Convener Eva Comrie said: 

“Hapless Douglas Ross lost all credibility when he couldn’t make his mind up on whether to support Boris Johnson or not. 

“The question for the Tories in Scotland now - as bankers are set to get bumper bonuses whilst Scots families struggle to heat their homes - is just how much will they let Liz Truss and Westminster walk all over them before they’re willing to stand up for Scotland? 

“We live in an energy-rich nation with the absurdity of fuel-poor Scots. Douglas Ross doesn’t need to wait for VAR to be introduced to understand how clear and obvious an error that is for our nation.“ 

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