Desperate Tories Spiralling Downwards to Oblivion

"Extremist jibe must galvanise Scots to action on self-determination”

Former First Minister Alex Salmond has labelled the Tories desperate over Rishi Sunak’s remarks in which he included Scottish nationalists in a speech on extremism. 

Commenting the Alba Party leader and former First Minister said: 

"The desperate Tory Party, drowning in their own incompetence, are thrashing about wildly with every available bogey man called into action.

"However, to dub half of the Scottish population “extremist” for carrying forward the noble cause of self-determination for our country in an impeccably constitutional manner is a new low even for Tory Prime Ministers. May, Johnson, Truss and now Sunak each one spiralling downwards to political oblivion.

"Alistair Jack’s forecast today that Scotland will soon be ruled by a “unionist regime” gives the game away. The Tory Party’s one last chance of keeping Scotland in their grip is the “Better Together” ancien regime of Labour and Tory. Scots should be warned and galvanised into action. These people see resource-rich Scotland as their plaything and will stop at nothing to keep us in their cold dead hands'"

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