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"Tory turmoil is Scotland's moment" - Hanvey “Time for an Independence convention to bend Westminster to Scotland's will” says MacAskill

Commenting on the continuing political turmoil within the Tory party and the UK Government ALBA Westminster Group Leader Neale Hanvey MP said:

“If the Tory 1922 committee change the rules so they can change their mind about Boris Johnson remaining Prime Minister, then denying Scotland the right to change our minds on Westminster rule is indefensible.

“This is the moment of maximum turmoil, weakness and division within the ruling Tory party at Westminster.  It is also the moment for a united Independence movement to exert maximum pressure on Johnson to concede a Section 30 Order and allow an Independence Referendum to take place.  It is why ALBA is calling for an Independence Convention to underline that it is the people of Scotland and not Westminster who are sovereign”.

Commenting on the reference by the Lord Advocate of the Scottish Independence Referendum Bill to the Supreme Court ALBA Depute Leader Kenny MacAskill MP said:

“The reference of the Independence Bill by the Lord Advocate to the UK Supreme Court is almost a rhetorical question.  Of course, they’ll say sovereignty rests with Westminster.  It’s now up to Scotland’s elected representatives to  ensure it’s the Scottish people who are sovereign.

“It’s time for an Independence Convention to bend Westminster to Scotland’s will.  Sovereignty must rest with the Scottish people not a Supreme Court or Dysfunctional Westminster.”

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