ALBA Party MP Neale Hanvey Calls for Unity in the Scottish Independence Movement

Neale Hanvey MP, Westminster leader of the Alba Party, has issued a call for unity within the Scottish independence movement. Hanvey believes that by setting aside differences and working together towards a common goal, the movement can achieve its ultimate objective of securing Scotland's independence.

Speaking today, Hanvey emphasized the importance of recognising that there are multiple paths towards independence as he again called for a constitutional convention of all Scotland’s pro independence representatives to be held once a new First Minister is in place. 

He acknowledged that different groups within the movement may have different visions for an independent Scotland, but stressed that these differences should not lead to division or infighting. 

"At this crucial junction on the road towards independence, it is important that we come together as a movement," said Hanvey. "We may have different ideas about what an independent Scotland should look like, but we share a common goal of breaking away from Westminster rule and creating a better future for our country. The establishment of a Constitutional Convention will ensure that the urgent necessity of Scottish independence will be at the very top of the agenda for whoever the next First Minister may be."

Hanvey also called on those putting their hat in the ring to be the next First Minister to “focus on the people’s priorities and to put aside personal agendas that are rejected by an overwhelming majority of people in Scotland.”

ALBA Party Westminster leader Neale Hanvey MP said: 

"We cannot afford to be divided at this crucial moment in our movement’s history, or to allow support for independence to suffer because of unpopular policies that were allowed to supplant independence because of pressure from Green Party ministers. 

We must be united in our efforts to secure Scotland's independence, and we must be focused on the needs and aspirations of the Scottish people. Any incoming First Minister must move their focus away from polarising policies such as Gender Reforms and deliver on the priorities of the entire population.

Nicola Sturgeon herself acknowledged the need to move away from these polarising issues, so surely addressing the absurdity that in our land of energy plenty Scottish people are living in fuel poverty is the most pressing concern for Scots people and Scottish businesses.” 

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